It goes back to the prestigious law firm known in 1923 as Garfield & Rhoades, in the city of Cleveland, Ohio state in the United States of America, and whose subsidiary office in Mexico City was directed by the graduate in Maurice Minchen right with the help and company of his best friend Gaspar Zavala de León who, after having forged himself as a trial lawyer, contributed greatly to satisfying the wishes of those affected by the Mexican Revolution to recover the damages suffered as a result of such an important Historic event in Mexico.

Since Gaspar Zavala De León (born in Sombrerete Zac., Mexico) began his fraternal partnership with his best friend and American lawyer, Maurice Minchen (born in Texas, USA), after sharing professional studies at the Old School of Jurisprudence, both they glimpsed the importance and potential of the branch of Intellectual Property and became pioneers and innovators in this important area of ​​law barely explored in our country at that time.

The attorney, Zavala de León was an expert litigant, to the point of having developed his professional practice from the lecture as an applicant, to the forum as a single judge, and; while the lawyer Minchen displayed his knowledge of Mexican and American law, applying his innate business talent, to attract business and form an important portfolio of brands and patents born as a result of his effort and therefore, the recognition that his He was given a job by the US Embassy, as well as multiple North American companies.

After the death of Mr. Maurice Minchen, his always friend Gaspar Zavala de León, he was loyal to the tradition of effort and service through the professional practice of law, starting a new partnership with another American lawyer (Mr. Raúl Berry) . Together they led a thriving firm called Berry & Zavala for more than two decades until Mr. Berry's retirement in the late 1980s. Thus, Mr. Zavala de León continued his professional practice that was subsequently assumed in the field of Intellectual Property by the eldest of his 7 children, the lawyer Gaspar Zavala Maldonado who with effort, pundonor and dedication maintained the tradition of vocation and service inherited from his father for 40 more years after he took the administration and direction of the portfolio, being today the oldest founding partner of Zavala Patmark, SC society erected to give continuity to a noble tradition oriented to remain as a Law Firm in constant progress, composed of well-integrated members, always committed to their vocation, order, honesty, loyalty, and justice; so that these values ​​are recognized by the mere effect of their daily actions; and achieve as a result, fully satisfied customers.

Still active as a consulting partner of the firm Zavala Patmark, S.C. Gaspar Zavala Maldonado has given the address to his children Gaspar and Carlos Manuel who have been working together for more than four years in the company of his team in which the loyalty and seniority of its members is the hallmark of the firm.


To support and work along its domestic, foreign and multinational clients in finding the best solutions for their problems or for meeting their needs, by means of providing an integral, high level, of excellence and forefront legal advisory, including dispute handling, with competitive and updated performance, especially of Intellectual Property matter, considering at all times a human focus.


To continue as a high level legal entity, formed by integrated and well articulated professional members, always growing in technical knowledge and committed with our Firms' roots and background values of honesty, loyalty, order and discipline, providing supreme quality services at all times.

Additionally, to be recognized by its mere daily acting, by its excellent performance and by its all-the-time satisfied clients, resulting from a personalized customer service based on intellectual and administrative advanced process.