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Goes back to 1923 when Gaspar Zavala de León (born in Sombrerete Zacatecas, México) entered into a loyal partnership with his best friend and American lawyer, Mr. Maurice Minchen (Born in Texas, USA), both who got to know each other from their sharing of professional studies at the Old School of Jurisprudence. Since then, both foresaw the importance and potential of the Intellectual Property and became pioneers in that area of law that was scarcely explored in our country. Mr. Zavala de León himself was an expert civil litigator, who had also performed as a Judge; while Mr. Minchen was a sharp entrepreneur with natural skills to find and attract cases from referrals of the US Embassy in Mexico City and from American companies. Additionally, he had good management skills and abilities very helpful for the business.


Originally Mr. Minchen was hired by GARFIELD & ROHADES LAW FIRM established in Cleveland Ohio who had a branch in Mexico oriented to recover the damages suffered by the American people by cause of the Revolution war in our country.


Unfortunately after their successful partnership, Mr. MINCHEN passed away when he was still young and left all his interests to Mr. Zavala de León who later got into a new partnership with another American lawyer (Mr. Raúl Berry). Together they ran a prosperous firm Berry & Zavala for a number of years until this last retired. Later, Mr. Zavala de León continued the practice in the Intellectual Property field for many more years with his son, currently the oldest founder partner at Zavala Patmark.