It shall be considered as invention any human creation that allows the transformation of matter or energy that exists in nature, for its exploitation by man with the aim to satisfy his specific needs

What is a patent?

A Patent is the denomination of the Legal document issued by the state that recognizes in favor of an inventor or to its successor in title, the creation of an invention which warrants that the holder enjoys rights or exclusive privileges of use and exploitation in relation with their manufacture, sale or importation. In order to obtain a Patent, the invention in question must count with the following essential notes: Novelty; Inventive Steps (not be evident) and be subject of industrial application.

What is a utility model?

These covers the objects, utensils, apparatuses or tools which, as a result of a change in their arrangement, configuration, structure or form, these present a different function regarding the parts being integrated or advantages in their usefulness. To be registered as such, it is necessary to verify their novelty and industrial application.

What is an industrial design?

The afforded protection in respect of an industrial design lies over the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of products, moving to a second degree their technical function. Such protection may comprise a wide variety of products from their three-dimensional feature (industrial models) or bi-dimensional (industrial designs), and is only granted to new designs and susceptible of industrial application.

  • Industrial Designs:
  • These are any combination of figures, lines or colors incorporated into an industrial product for ornamentation purposes and which give it a peculiar and unique appearance.

  • Industrial models:
  • Those constituted by any three-dimensional shape to serve as a model or pattern for the manufacture of an industrial product, which gives it special appearance that does not imply any technical effects.

    Layout designs of integrated circuits

    Is the organization or three-dimensional arrangement of the elements and interconnections that build integrated circuits, understanding the latter as a product whose elements and interconnections form an integral part of the body or surface of a piece of semiconductor material, oriented to perform an electronic function. The registration of a layout design is granted when it is original and incorporated or not into an integrated circuit, and has not been commercially exploited anywhere in the world; the latter, unless the application for registration is filed within two years following the date in which the applicant exploits it in commerce in an ordinary way for the first time anywhere in the world..

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